All Your Tax Forms in One Place

No more running from place to place. No more trying to figure out what you need. No more excuses!

Printable Savings

We knew that when we wrote the California Homeowners Guide that we had to help people save their hard earned money, and not just tell them about it.¬†Collected on this page are links to every single county in the state of California, and within those pages are the tax forms that you’ll need to begin saving on your tax bill every year.

How Do I Start?

  1. First, find your county on the right sidebar and click on the link. You should see your county’s page with options to purchase forms.

2. Purchase the form you need using the dropdown menu.

3. Upon completing your purchase, you should see a download link for your form, you get up to five re-downloads in a day.

4. Fill out the form on your computer using Adobe Reader, or print it out. All forms are fillable on your computer. Once filled out print the form, sign it, and send it into your county tax assessor!

That’s it!